Conopy Cleaner & Protector

Conopy Cleaner & Protector


  • €13.00

Canopy Cleaner & Protector is designed specifically for cleaning boat and yacht canopies.
Effectively cleans off mould, dirt, grime, grease, bird lime and more from boat and yacht canopies and other marine craft covers. After cleaning, Canopy Cleaner & Protector leaves a protective film to combat against regrowth, UV fading and to make future cleaning easier.
Supplied in a ready-to-use formula. No need to mix with water, simple spray and wipe clean with a non-scratch cloth. Can be used with one of our microfibre cloths for excellent results.
Canopy Cleaner & Protector is a water based mixture that is fully biodegradable and can be used for cleaning your boat in and out of the water without environmental concerns.

Suitable for

  • All marine craft canopies and other covers


  • Cleans and removes dirt, grime, grease, mould/algae, oil and bird lime
  • Protects against UV fading, dirt, grime, mould/algae regrowth
  • Simply spray and wipe without using water

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