Cleanaway B201

Cleanaway B201


  • €99.00

Alkaline detergent

Cleanaway B201 is an alkaline detergent composition containing solvents to enhance grease removal. It contains phosphates and alkali builders, which have been specially selected to optimise soil suspension.

Cleanaway B201 is an extremely versatile cleaner. By selecting the appropriate dilution rate with water it can be used to clean almost all hard surfaces including walls, floors, paint-work, worktops, machinery and more. With its powerful degreasing properties, Cleanaway B201 is widely used in kitchens, garages, factories and abattoirs. It can also be used as a safe replacement for flammable solvents in degreasing and cleaning machine parts. Cleanaway B201 will remove old wax from floors, and is even used to clean industrial ovens. It can affect aluminium, ceramics, plastics and car paint-work, so should therefore be pre-tested before wide use on sensitive materials.

Suitable for

  • Mopping
  • Spraying
  • Any hard surface not affected by water
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Worktops
  • Machinery


  • Cost effective cleaner
  • For general cleaning
  • Concentrate
  • Can be heavily diluted with water
  • Detergent/solvent blend
  • Has excellent degreasing action


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