Glass Cleaner

Glass Cleaner


  • €10.20

Glass Cleaner 

Premium Grade Glass Cleaner is designed specifically for cleaning heavily stained & soiled glass on vehicles, cars, boats, yachts, domestic and other industrial uses.
Heavy duty glass cleaner that effectively cleans off mould, dirt, grime, grease, bird lime and more from vehicles, boats and any other glass subjected to the elements. Glass Cleaner cuts through and lifts off dirt, grime and grease with ease.

Powerful formulation contains a high alcohol and ammonia content for superior cleaning performance.

Also effective at cleaning stainless steel and aluminium railings and fittings.

Supplied in a ready-to-use formula. Simply spray and wipe clean with a non-scratch cloth. Can be used with one of our microfibre cloths for excellent results.

Glass Cleaner can be used for cleaning your boat in and out of the water without environmental concerns. Evaporates quickly.

Suitable for

  • Boat and yacht glass
  • Car and van glass
  • Glass windows and doors


  • Premium grade, powerful chemical for effective glass cleaning
  • Evaporates quickly - effective cleaning results and harmless to hard surfaces
  • Simply spray and wipe to remove a variety of stubborn stains


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