Screen Wash


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Vehicle screen wash for all seasons

Wessex Screen Wash is available in a concentrate or ready to use (RTU) formula. Prevents the freezing of screen wash during winter. Concentrated version can be used neat as a de-icing fluid.

Non-marking; will not mark paintwork as this formulation does NOT contain Ethylene Glycol.

Concentrate Screen Wash directions for Use;
Normal use: As a windscreen degreasing fluid, 
Use 1 part additive to 10 parts water (This will protect the washer system against slight frost).

Winter Use: During severe, freezing weather the concentration can be increased to help avoid freezing of the washer system.


Suitable for

  • All vehicle types
  • Lorries, trucks, vans
  • Cars


  • Keeps vehicle windscreen clear
  • and clean
  • Prevents freezing
  • Of screen wash, jets and washer system
  • Can be used neat as a de-icing fluid
  • Simply spray on outside glass and leave


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